Advanced Energetics

Breakthrough Session

For Business Mastery & Evolutionary Manifestation

One-time breakthrough session to provide you with a clear,

actionable blueprint for the work you need to undertake on your own.

Perfect for self-motivated individuals who prefer to take the reins

and implement changes independently.

Unlock your true potential and transform your energetic landscape

for professional and personal mastery, backed by over two decades of wisdom, offering you a unique opportunity to delve into the depths of your energetic composition, clearing the path for unparalleled growth and fulfillment.

This is for Those Who:

  • Feel stuck at a personal crossroads, unable to move forward.
  • Are committed to growth but find certain barriers insurmountable.
  • Seek a profound, lasting transformation that reshapes your energetic landscape.
  • Desire to optimize business practices to work less while holding more.
  • Want to align actions with universal laws for harmony and purpose.
  • Aspire to manifest a life of true abundance and freedom.

Results You can Expect:

  • Breakthrough realizations into personal barriers and their impact on your journey.
  • Energetic liberation from past limitations, readying you for ascension.
  • Actionable clarity with a clear path forward illuminated by combined wisdom.
  • Enhanced leadership skills and work-life balance for sustainable business success.
  • Practical blueprints to move closer to your soul's purpose at a fast speed.
  • Utilization of gifts and talents to incorporate your best self into your journey ahead.

Our Modalities

Advanced Energetics

Advanced Energetics delves into the intricate dynamics of your energetic composition, focusing on both internal and social energetics and how they influence your current circumstances.

By identifying and addressing hidden energetic blockages rooted in generational, social-cultural imprints, and outdated belief systems, this approach aims to clear the path for profound

personal transformation.

It involves deep exploration and clearing of these blockages,

enabling you to align more closely with your true self and harness your energetic potential for a more harmonious and empowered life.

Business Mastery



Business Mastery equips you with essential tools and strategies to run a successful and sustainable business.

It focuses on optimizing your business practices to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness, allowing you to work less while holding more.

This approach integrates leadership skills and work-life balance, ensuring your business thrives while you maintain a fulfilling personal life.

By aligning your actions with universal laws and fostering a strong network of energetic collaborations, Business Mastery supports your personal and professional development, turning business challenges into opportunities for growth and success.

Evolutionary Manifestation

Evolutionary Manifestation draws on ancient teachings to create a manifesting lifestyle that aligns with the world's true nature.

This process fosters harmony with

co-creating energetics, enabling you to manifest your purpose and gifts while living a life of true abundance.

By working less and holding more, you find freedom and joy in the gift of life.

This approach emphasizes the importance of living in alignment with your highest purpose, using your unique talents to create a fulfilling and impactful life.

Through Evolutionary Manifestation, you unlock the potential to co-create a reality that reflects your deepest desires and highest aspirations.

Thank you from the depths of my heart for orchestrating such a transformative experience. Words scarcely capture the magic of what transpired—it was as if there was nowhere else on Earth I’d rather be. The session felt like an escape into a world tailored just for us, a magical realm where time seemed to stand still.

Hearing about your brother Eric and your combined sessions piqued my curiosity initially, but experiencing the reality left me in awe. The synergy between you was palpable, amplifying the magic into something truly unparalleled.

After the session, I went to the ocean, and a profound calm washed over me. I felt an unwinding, a relaxation so deep that I had never truly relaxed before. There was laughter and lightness on the shore, but what unfolded was a profound transformation. I walked along the beach feeling reborn, immensely happier, open, and liberated in ways I hadn’t imagined possible.

This wasn’t just a session; it was the beginning of a new life. Every moment was a step toward a freer, more vibrant self. I walked away with exactly what I had hoped for, and so much more. Thank you for this incredible gift.



Advanced Energetics Breakthrough Session

For Business Mastery & Evolutionary Manifestation

One-time breakthrough session designed to help you align with your highest purpose and achieve profound success in both your personal and professional life.

This session is designed to provide you with a clear, actionable blueprint for the work you need to undertake on your own. During this intensive session, we’ll dive deep into your current situation, identifying the key areas that need attention and improvement.

You will walk away with a detailed, personalized plan outlining specific steps you need to take to address your challenges and achieve your goals. This blueprint will cover various aspects such as personal development, business strategies, and actionable tasks tailored to your unique needs.

This session is perfect for self-motivated individuals who prefer to take the reins and implement changes independently. If you’re looking for a powerful push in the right direction without ongoing support, this is the ideal option for you.

Your Energetics Upgrade Option

This one-of-a-kind session allows you to work not only with Sara but also with her brother, teacher, and friend, Eric. Eric has been a devoted student of their main teacher, Lujan Matus, for almost 15 years and has played a pivotal role in Sara's personal and professional journey.

Breakthrough Session with Sara

$1,111 USD

  • Deep dive into your personal and professional goals
  • Uncover and address physical, emotional, and energetic blocks
  • Develop a personalized blueprint for your journey ahead

Breakthrough Session with Sara & Eric

$1,555 USD

  • Everything included in the Breakthrough Session with Sara
  • Advanced energetic work with Eric, focusing on deep-seated blocks
  • Comprehensive integration and practical blueprint creation with Sara

Please be advised that this is a limited-time offer.

Eric’s commitment to his spiritual path and his advanced practice make this an exceptional opportunity, as he rarely offers official sessions. His absence of an online presence underscores his dedication to integrity and privacy.

Why Choose the Energetics Upgrade

Profound Experience

like No Other

Eric has been working actively with Sara for over a decade, specializing in advanced energy work and practices.



Eric’s expertise lies in identifying

and unlocking energetic blockages, especially those stemming from generational, cultural, societal,

and family imprints.



The session will focus primarily on energetics with Eric, followed by Sara helping you integrate the energetic work into a practical blueprint for your journey ahead.

What This Journey Looks Like:

  • Personalized guidance with 90-120 minutes of focused attention from Sara or Sara & Eric.
  • Deep diving into the identification and clearing of core blockages.
  • Empowered strategies with actionable insights to navigate and dismantle barriers.
  • Comprehensive support through open, true communication.
  • Integration of ancient teachings for a manifesting lifestyle.
  • Recording access for two weeks, plus one week of direct Telegram support after the session

Reflecting on the profound journey since our Manifestation Breakthrough Session two weeks ago, I am genuinely astounded by my transformation.

The session initiated an intense emotional roller coaster filled with a cascade of feelings, thoughts, doubts, and insights—it felt like learning to navigate an entirely new terrain. Initially, I wondered if the shifts I felt were merely the instant relief of a significant emotional release. However, as time passed, it became increasingly clear that what I experienced was a fundamental, lasting change within myself. Surprisingly, specific old patterns and behaviors have simply vanished, and each time I notice their absence, it reaffirms the incredible impact of our work together.

Eric, the session itself was mind-blowing on so many levels. The beautiful energy you invested has been instrumental in helping me navigate and recalibrate my life post-session. I am immensely grateful for your support and the new perspectives it has opened up for me. These insights continue to be invaluable as I move forward, integrating these changes into my daily life.

Thank you both for this extraordinary journey and your loving support. I look forward to the continued exploration and the next steps on this path. Lots of love and deep appreciation to both of you.


About Sara

Sara is the founder and CEO of Living with The Spirit Enterprise, which encompasses

Living with The Spirit Healing Center, Spirit Academy, Spirit Community, International Retreats, Brand Collaborations, and an Entrepreneur Network. She offers transformative business experiences that seamlessly integrate physical, emotional, and spiritual growth.

With 25 years in business mastery and evolutionary manifestation, including nearly a decade leading Living with The Spirit Retreat Center, Sara's background in corporate management, advertising, digital marketing, and business organization provides a solid foundation for her innovative methods. She guides business owners, enterprise builders, and corporate leaders through personalized mentorships that address both visible and hidden challenges.

Her expertise in high-level energetics combines cutting-edge somatic healing practices, modern psychology, Eastern healing philosophies, ancient manifestation principles, Vedic techniques, and quantum energy alignment. This holistic approach bridges mind, body, emotions, and spirit, fostering deep balance and alignment.

Sara's honesty and integrity create a safe space for clients to overcome blockages and achieve their goals. Her firsthand experience as a multi-business owner allows her to empathize with the emotional, spiritual, and physical challenges entrepreneurs face.

With over 50 certifications in business, healing, health, and coaching, Sara’s true strength lies in the energetics behind these disciplines. Her exceptional ability to navigate teams, businesses, and social constructs sets her apart as a high-powered coach and heart-centered leader, earning her rave reviews from clients.

In addition to building Living with The Spirit Enterprise, she offers exclusive mentorship to a select group of entrepreneurs committed to exponential personal and professional growth, with full access to Sara's accelerated manifestation abilities.

This is an invitation to your next level of being, to align with your highest purpose

and achieve profound success in both your personal and professional life.

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