Grounding with Simba

The Conscious Leader's Path to Transformation

A self-paced course to manifest health, success, abundance, and enriched relationships.

This is the bedrock upon which you build a life of vitality, achievement, and profound connection

The true power of grounding lies in its ability to serve as the foundation for all transformation, anchoring us deeply in the present moment and within the wisdom of our bodies. Through this profound connection to our physical selves, we discover safety and trust in our existence, opening the doors to an array of possibilities.

Grounding is not merely a practice but a gateway to manifesting health, success, abundance, and enriched relationships. It equips conscious leaders with the clarity and stability needed to excel in their roles, enhancing professional prowess across all fields. By fostering a grounded presence, we navigate interactions with friends and family with grace and understanding, cultivating meaningful and supportive connections.

This practice empowers us to live with intention, guiding us toward a life of fulfillment and purpose, where we are attuned to our own needs and desires and capable of inspiring and uplifting those around us.


Grounding with Simba

The Conscious Leader's Path to Transformation

- Level 1

Dive into the core of grounding with our foundational course, centered on the transformative power of the polyvagal curve to help you understand the autonomic nervous system.

This program unfolds across five key seminars, each offering practical grounding tools tailored to enhance well-being, body awareness, and stress management for the conscious leader. Learn to apply the principles of the Polyvagal Theory to improve relationships and release stress effectively.

With custom-made grounding practices designed for each nervous system phase, this course provides targeted tools for personal use, supporting loved ones, or enhancing professional services. Ideal for anyone looking to navigate life with a deeper understanding of the nervous system, this Level 1 course lays the essential groundwork for mastering autonomic nervous system navigation, setting the stage for transformative growth and bodily

This is for you if...

You're a conscious leader, health practitioner, yoga teacher, coach, mentor, parent, or anyone looking to elevate your well-being while making a meaningful impact on the world, this program is your gateway. Embrace the art of grounding to empower yourself and inspire those around you.

What you can expect...

Simba will guide you through five immersive seminars, each tailored to deepen your understanding and application of grounding principles. Expect to master effective practices that enhance sleep quality, boost energy levels, cultivate compassion, harmonize relationships, and achieve profound body awareness.

What's on the other side...

By integrating the grounding tools and practices from our program, you'll experience a significant transformation in managing stress, connecting with others, and maintaining emotional balance. You'll emerge as a more grounded, calm, and empowered leader, equipped to overcome life's challenges gracefully and intentionally.

"5 years after surviving a devastating plane crash, I was trapped in a cycle of chronic pain, surgeries, and emotional turmoil. I discovered a holistic approach that went beyond just physical healing. Simba, with his empathic and intuitive methods, not only made my body feel safe but also helped me confront my unprocessed anger and people-pleasing tendencies.

Through fasting, shamanic work, and soul retrieval, I found profound healing, allowing me to break free from the pain and frustration that had consumed me for so long. This has been nothing short of magical, and I am leaving here pain-free, empowered, and forever grateful for this life-changing experience.


What's included:

5 Immersive Seminars

Delve deep into grounding, each session designed to take your practice to the next level.

These seminars bring grounding practice into focus and ensure a comprehensive understanding of its impact on your well-being.

15 Powerful Follow-Along Grounding Tools

Use practical exercises and routines to solidify your practice and witness tangible benefits. These tools are thoughtfully designed to complement each seminar, enhancing your learning experience.

Self-paced Learning

Enjoy the flexibility to progress at your own pace, ensuring optimal integration and grounding between sessions.

This approach allows for a personalized journey tailored to your needs and schedule

In-Depth Immersions

The seminars will cover the in-depth aspects of the nervous system’s responses, including Fight, Flight, Freeze, Fawn, and the Green Zone, offering a holistic view of how to navigate and harmonize your autonomic nervous system.

Lifetime Access

Enjoy the freedom to revisit and re-engage with the course material at any point, reinforcing your learning journey and grounding practice over a lifetime.

Learn it Once, Keep it Forever

Discover grounding, your lifelong superpower. Master it once, and harness unwavering calm and resilience. Transform challenges into growth opportunities. It’s the ultimate tool for a life of profound peace and presence.

Your Investment

$333 USD

Join us and unlock the benefits of grounding in every aspect of your life.

Connect with your natural state, embrace holistic well-being, and lead with presence and power.

What Others Have Experienced

"I feel more connected to my masculine core"

As someone who lived primarily in my mind, disconnected from my body, this journey towards understanding my own masculinity was eye-opening. I realized there was a disconnection between my masculine body and my feminine mind, and exploring this polarity has helped me piece together parts of myself that were previously unclear.

I've gained a deeper understanding of myself, both physically and emotionally, and I feel more connected to my masculine core. It's been a journey of self-discovery that I'm grateful to have experienced.

- Chris

"The practices have left a lasting imprint on my being"

Curious and open-minded, I decided to explore what this journey might offer me, especially as our lives entered a new phase with our children grown and our business established.

The practices have left a lasting imprint on my being. They have allowed me to integrate profound experiences into my life, guiding me toward a deeper understanding of myself and the world around me. It's not just about knowing, it's about embodying, and that's where the true transformation lies.

- Magnus

About Simba



Simba possesses a rare ability to tap into the energies of those around him, offering insights and guidance that transcend the ordinary. With a deep understanding of the body, mind, and spirit, he stands as a powerful healer capable of addressing the physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of his clients.

With 25 years of expertise in bodywork and injuries, Simba has honed a particular understanding of how to listen and respond to each body's unique needs for self-healing. His approach is deeply intuitive, allowing him to uncover and address the root causes of physical ailments, leading to transformative healing experiences for his clients.

As a TRE® Provider & Certification Trainer and Craniosacral Therapy Bodyworker, Simba is an expert in the Somatic Healing Arts. His daily practice of somatic healing informs his unique approach to treating the body as a whole. This holistic view has led to miraculous client healing journeys, integrating physical treatments with profound emotional and spiritual insights.

Simba's 35 years of Martial Arts training, competition, and teaching have endowed him with a deep understanding of physical mastery and discipline. Coupled with his role as an Energy Healer and Energy Practitioner of inner arts since the age of 11, he brings a rich tapestry of skills to his practice. His energy work complements his bodywork, allowing for a comprehensive healing experience.

As a natural empathic practitioner, Simba tunes into the needs of his students and clients with remarkable sensitivity. He lives a healing lifestyle, continually growing and learning, ensuring that his approach is always evolving. By connecting the body, mind, and spirit in all his sessions, he excels at identifying bodily blockages and gently guiding the body out of tension. His understanding of the interconnectedness of the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the body is exceptional, enabling him to address injuries, facilitate somatic release, and help clients overcome limiting beliefs and generational, societal, or cultural imprints.

Simba’s devotion to his personal and professional growth, combined with his vast experience, has earned him the title of the Grounding and Body Master among his students. His work is not just a practice; it’s a profound journey of healing and self-discovery, making him an invaluable guide for those seeking deep transformation.

Mark's journey to purpose and authenticity has been anything but straightforward. His path, built through trial and error, embodies a relentless commitment to self-mastery. Mark's mindset, focused on continuous improvement, has seen him navigate the longer roads and clear boulders from his path, carving out his unique journey.

A former swordfighting champion, Mark applies the discipline and precision of swordfighting to his everyday life. This sharp focus and unwavering integrity are key to his authenticity. Today, Mark is immersed in a variety of somatic healing arts, including TRE, sound healing, EFT, and bodywork.

Specializing in guiding men to reclaim their purpose and authenticity, Mark helps others navigate the ongoing path of self-mastery. He is a certified TRE Provider and a TRE Certification Trainee, working closely with Simba and the TRE community to blend innovative and somatic practices. Mark's mission is to help men stay sharp, focused, and true to themselves on their journey of self-discovery and mastery.