Deep Dive Private Sessions Package

Welcome to our deep dive package for personal transformation. This is not only a package of private sessions, this is a structured way of working to help you develop the long-term change you are looking for. Available both online and in person.

When navigating the stresses of modern life, or numerous temptations of unhealthy behavior, it can be easy to get off course and out of balance. We have designed a package that will give you both the deep dive transformation of the private sessions and also the structure and support needed in between the sessions.

Our combined skills and experiences will help you create long-term change and success:

πŸƒ 6 Private Sessions - Weekly, Bi-Weekly Or Monthly

πŸƒ Lifestyle Design - We Help You Structure Your Routines

πŸƒ Practical Tools - Get Access To Our Online Platform

πŸƒ Support - We Guide You To Success In Your Personal Chat Group

Join our program and begin your personal transformation right now.

6 Private Sessions For Individual Deep Dive

Methods & Tools For Personal Transformation

Private Chat Group For Questions & Support

Personal Routines For Structure & Success

Included in OurProgram

Lifestyle & Health Assessments πŸƒ

Individual Detox Protocol πŸƒ

Personalized Morning Routine πŸƒ

Stress & Emotional Release πŸƒ

Access To Our Material Platform πŸƒ

Personalized EFT Routine πŸƒ

Private Chat For Questions & Support πŸƒ

πŸƒ 6 Private Sessions

πŸƒ Individual Movement Routine

πŸƒ Personalized Evening Routine

πŸƒ Grounding & Mindfulness

πŸƒ Assignments Between Sessions

πŸƒ Personalized Meditation

πŸƒ Our Collected Expertise & Experiences

6 Private Sessions For Individual Deep Dive

Methods & Tools For Personal Transformation

Private Chat Group For Questions & Support

Personal Routines For Structure & Success

Why Our Clients

Love Working With Us

In our program, we will guide you toward the next level of your health journey. We share all our tools and resources that we use with great success with our clients, with you, in a structured format. Here is what our clients have to say about us!


Simba was kind and compassionate and I also felt very comfortable in his presence. I enjoyed the Reiki session but particularly benefitted from TRE as it helped me release tension that I had been unknowingly storing. After experiencing what I would consider the worst period in my life, I am pleased to say that my insomnia has gone completely. I know that this was heavily due to the tools and coping strategies that I learned from my sessions with Simba and Sara. -Hanniah

I just completed 2 months of working remotely with Sara and Simba. I am a completely different person than when I began! I was suffering from extreme fatigue and chronic, debilitating pain. Within **2** weeks of the nutrition + detox program, Sara put me on (high percentage raw food, mostly fruit + Dr. Morse tinctures), my energy was restored and my pain radically diminished. This was miraculous! I attribute this to the healing power of the food and herbs, but perhaps even more to Sara’s absolute confidence in my capacity to heal which allowed my body to trust the process – to know that I could, and would, heal! Everything Sara recommends she has done or is doing herself. She walks her talk every single step of the way. She is a Warrior of Healing. You want her in your court.


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We have had many clients come through our doors. This is what they have to say about their experience with us!


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6 Private Sessions For Individual Deep Dive

Methods & Tools For Personal Transformation

Private Chat Group For Questions & Support

Personal Routines For Structure & Success

Simba - Somatic Stress & Trauma Release Teacher

Simba's keen intuition and vigilance help him identify the areas of his client's energetic blockages in their body and formulates a highly individualized Somatic plan for each individual’s trauma-healing journey.

A key area of focus for this artful body-healer is grounding and modalities that target the nervous system.

πŸƒ Advanced Manual Therapist

πŸƒ Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

πŸƒ Corrective Exercise Coach

πŸƒ Cranio Relaxation Techniques Practitioner

πŸƒ EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner

πŸƒ Holistic Lifestyle Coach

πŸƒ Sports & Performance Coach

πŸƒ TRE - Tension & Trauma Release Provider

πŸƒ Certified Personal Trainer
πŸƒ Certified Medicinal Masseuse

πŸƒ Reiki Practitioner

Sara - Detoxification Specialist

Uses her skills and personal experience to guide and support her clients through detoxing from stressful and trauma-filled lives, holistically and practically. She teaches her clients about the nervous system and helps them structure a self-healing lifestyle.

She specializes in detoxification, lifestyle design, and social navigation. This means that she leads others in how to return to themselves, how to live authentically in their own skin and life; how to transform from toxic cycles, and how to deal with limiting beliefs and emotions. Sara creates a practical and doable plan with methods and individual routines.

πŸƒ Detoxification Specialist

πŸƒ Breathwork Teacher

πŸƒ TRE - Tension & Trauma Release Provider

πŸƒ Chopra Wellbeing Coach

πŸƒ Chopra Meditation Teacher

πŸƒ Chopra Ayurveda Teacher

πŸƒ Yin Yoga Teacher

πŸƒ EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner

πŸƒ Reiki Practitioner


"Working with Sara has been life-changing.

When I came to Living with the spirit I was stressed out, very angry, and sad. I couldn’t understand why and I felt as if everyone was against me. I simply could not sort out my feelings. I had no control over my own well-being, my emotions had taken control over me, and being happy felt so far away. I wanted to leave my job, my friends, and my partner. I felt so misunderstood and miserable. I just wanted to run away from everything.

With an incredible understanding of how emotions work, Sara has guided me so that I now have the tools for emotional freedom. She opened up my world and helped me face my fears. Instead of thinking about everything that is wrong I’m now focusing on what I want my life to be like. The relationships around me are now filled with love and not conflict. If conflicts appear I have the tools how to handle the situation. And I also appreciate what I can learn from my emotions and reactions. And best of all, instead of wasting my energy on frustration, insecurity, and anger, I can now use that energy to become more creative and happy.

Sara is so non-judgmental that I felt totally safe to show all of me; the ugly, the dirt, and the shame. That is one of the most important things with this work, to feel safe about the way I feel, to look at it and not judge it. Instead, be curious and see what it is all about. And Sara sees and has the knowledge of how to guide you in the right direction. Not judging, just asking and challenging you with lots of love.

To have Sara in my ringside corner is the best thing that has happened to me. The work we do together makes me filled with love and inspiration. I feel so much gratitude. For each session with Sara, and every day that I commit to working on myself, I feel how my world expands and I feel free. Instead of looking for the answers around me, Sara has helped me to find the truth inside myself.

As a coach Sara is committed, honest, straightforward, loving, and a true inspiration. Her ability to see things for what they are is beyond. If everyone had Sara in their life we could change the world. If you are truly committed and want to live your life to the fullest, reach out to Sara. She will change your life! Writing this really makes me moved when realizing all the fantastic things that I’m experiencing on this journey. Love you, Sara!"

- Lisa, 2022


Is your Online Coaching Program really going to work for me?

Yes, it will! Through our program, you will learn, step by step, how to practically start living a healthy and empowering lifestyle. We don’t offer short-term quick-fix solutions here, our approach to health is sustainable, effective, and fun!

Will I receive the support and feedback I need?

You will have your own private chat group for support a getting your questions answered. We will be with you every step of the way and together we will create a structure that is individually designed for your personal needs. We will give you the tools you need to transform your life.

Can I really do this from home?

Yes you can! We have designed the program with this in mind. The entire program is designed for you to dedicate yourself to your holistic health development wherever you are. We break everything down for you in easily digestible and delicious bites. (Pun intended!)

How do I get started? This feels a little bit daunting.

The program is designed to guide and support you every step of the way. You can move as fast or as slowly as your energy allows. We make sure that you always know what the next step is, so you never feel lost or doubt yourself moving forward. The process is easy, all you need to do is follow along at your own pace.