Business Mastery

& Advanced Energetics

Transformation Day

Master Your Business, Manifest Your Dreams, Work Less & Hold More

A full day of immersive, hands-on support where we actively work through your specific questions and challenges, offering real-time guidance and implementation support.

This isn’t just about achieving success; it’s about crafting a life where you can have both the success and the lifestyle you dream of. It’s the life I’ve created for myself and what I’m passionate about creating for my clients.

I am not settling for anything else than next-level success, freedom and health, and so are you.

Building a business isn't just about strategy; it's about soul, self-discovery, and the courage to face your deepest truths.

Being an entrepreneur mirrors all your hopes, fears, talents, and blockages. Your business reflects how you feel about yourself. Success isn’t just in the doing; it’s in the being. It’s about looking inward, facing yourself, and transforming those imprints that hold you back.

I've spent years blending business mastery with advanced energetics and somatic wisdom, creating a holistic approach that bridges the gap between personal growth and professional success. With me, you don’t have to separate your learning; you integrate it all to expand exponentially. I work with those who see the correlation between these elements.

Together, we master the connection between business acumen, energetic alignment, and somatic healing. This is where true, sustainable success lies. The kind of success where you don't have to choose between time, love, health, wealth and business achievements. You get to have it all.

Success isn't just about achieving goals; it's about adapting to uncertainty, embracing change, and undergoing transformation at the core of your being.

This is for you if you...

  • Know deep inside that you are meant for something exceptional.
  • Are ready to elevate your life beyond the ordinary.
  • Feel the energetic call to break through to your next season of abundance and success.
  • Seek to manifest your dreams into reality with clarity and purpose.
  • Yearn to connect with your inner voice and truth, releasing anything holding you back.

Sara's leadership is nothing short of extraordinary. She has an incredible ability to guide on multiple levels simultaneously, whether leading large groups through transformative processes, supporting us as organizers, or offering individual guidance to enhance our facilitation skills.

Sara creates a world filled with love and magic, manifesting the best in others. Her space is radiant, inviting everyone to be seen and heard for who they truly are. Working with Sara feels like learning to play the violin while performing, yet it also feels natural. I always feel supported and enlightened about my next steps with her as she walks alongside me on this journey.


Results You can Expect:

  • Transformed Manifestation: Your dreams and desires will be turned into clear and tangible action steps, setting a solid foundation for your journey forward.

  • Blockage Removal: Gain a clear understanding of physical, emotional, and spiritual blockages, allowing for rapid growth and transformation.

  • Elevated Confidence: Strengthen your connection to your inner wisdom and truth, boosting your confidence and self-belief.

  • Accelerated Progress: Experience months of growth compressed into days, making significant advancements in your personal and professional life.

  • Clear Path Forward: Leave with a clear and manageable way forward, ensuring you can continue building on the progress made during our sessions.

My Way of Supporting You:


Work Less & Hold More

With Business Mastery, we emphasize working less while holding more.

This means optimizing your business practices to maximize efficiency and effectiveness, allowing you to achieve greater results without overextending yourself. The entrepreneurial journey becomes a powerful stepping stone for personal growth, turning business highs and lows into opportunities for nervous system regulation, somatic release, and shadow work.

By unlocking barriers that hold you back, you can achieve true success across all aspects of life, including personal, emotional, and financial freedom. Through inner work and alignment with energetic principles, you can maintain a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle while growing your impact and income.


Advanced Energetics

Advanced Energetics delves into the intricate dynamics of your energetic composition, focusing on both internal and social energetics and how they influence your current circumstances.

By identifying and addressing hidden energetic blockages rooted in generational, social-cultural imprints, and outdated belief systems, this approach aims to clear the path for profound personal transformation.

It involves deep exploration and clearing of these blockages, enabling you to align more closely with your true self and harness your energetic potential for a more harmonious and empowered life.


Business Mastery

Business Mastery equips you with essential tools and strategies to run a successful and sustainable business.

It focuses on optimizing your business practices for greater efficiency and effectiveness, allowing you to work less while holding more.

This approach integrates leadership skills and work-life balance, ensuring your business thrives while you maintain a fulfilling personal life.

By aligning your actions with universal laws and fostering a strong network of energetic collaborations, Business Mastery supports your personal and professional development, turning business challenges into opportunities for growth and success.


Evolutionary Manifestation

Evolutionary Manifestation draws on ancient teachings to create a manifesting lifestyle that aligns with the world's true nature.

This process fosters harmony with co-creating energetics, enabling you to manifest your purpose and gifts while living a life of true abundance. By working less and holding more, you find freedom and joy in the gift of life. This approach emphasizes the importance of living in alignment with your highest purpose, using your unique talents to create a fulfilling and impactful life.

Through Evolutionary Manifestation, you unlock the potential to co-create a reality that reflects your deepest desires and highest aspirations.

I chose Sara as my mentor because I sensed her honesty and knew she would tell it like it is as we worked through various aspects of myself. I wouldn't have to guess what she meant or what she was aiming for.

My intuition was spot on. I'm so glad I get to grow with Sara. She sees me and meets me with love, even in my hardest and darkest moments. This was something I didn't expect but it fills me with warmth and love in return.

When I say I grow with Sara, I mean that she also takes significant steps forward in the process. She has evolved from a clear, experienced, knowledgeable, brave, and loving mentor into a creator of my future and the future of many others. She is a manifester!

Seeing her passion and drive for what she is here on Earth to create is an absolute joy. Her work style is truly inspiring! It's her intuition that guides her, and she follows it with great humility, faith, and dedication.

I love being in Sara's presence! There is no higher praise than that ❤️



Business Mastery &

Advanced Energetics

Transformation Day

This exclusive day is an intimate offering, available to only three individuals ready to make bold life steps - to rise, choose yourself, and break through to the next level.

Throughout the day, we will address your specific needs, whether it’s refining your business strategy, developing your product suite, or working on your personal growth.

You’ll experience direct, hands-on involvement in the transformation process, ensuring you not only understand what needs to be done but also begin implementing these changes during the session.

This option is ideal for those needing more than just a plan—they need practical, immediate support executing their strategies. Transformation Day is perfect if you’re looking for a deep dive into your challenges with expert guidance and support.

Investment: $3,333 USD

Welcome to Your New Way of Being

Four Private Sessions with Recordings

Your journey begins with four private, deeply transformative sessions focused on your business, energetics, and manifestation. Together, we'll create your personal manifestation blueprint, identifying and releasing physical, emotional, and spiritual blockages that may hold you back. Through energetic transmissions and intuitive guidance, you'll gain clarity, confidence, and momentum to propel you forward on your path. These sessions are recorded for you to revisit and reconnect with your transformation whenever needed.

Bonuses to support your journey

During our time together, we'll explore many aspects of your path to success. As we develop your personal blueprint, we'll uncover your next level of growth and manifestation. To support your journey ahead, I am offering the full day with me and top-level nervous system, somatic, and energetic support. These are the tools and methods I use for my personal growth and success.

Bonus Session with Simba

Dive deeper into newly uncovered blockages regarding belief systems and somatic blockages with Simba.

As a bodywork and grounding master, Simba excels in somatic release and unlocking limiting belief systems, providing the expert support you need to overcome obstacles.

Bonus Session with Mark

Explore deeper layers of self-mastery and ego dismantling with Mark.

This powerful session will help you address underlying limiting belief systems and ego blockages, setting up a self-mastery practice that will elevate you to the next level.

Bonus Session with Eric

Experience profound emotional and energetic release with Eric.

As an expert in energy work, Eric will help you uncover and release generational, social, cultural, and societal influences, allowing you to step into your authentic self.

Two Weeks of Chat Support with Sara

Following your exclusive transformation day, you'll have two weeks of chat support with me.

This continued guidance ensures you have the support you need for follow-up and integration, helping you maintain your momentum and progress.

About Sara

Sara is the founder and CEO of Living with The Spirit Enterprise, which encompasses Living with The Spirit Healing Center, Spirit Academy, Spirit Community, International Retreats, Brand Collaborations, and an Entrepreneur Network. She offers transformative business experiences that seamlessly integrate physical, emotional, and spiritual growth.

With 25 years in business mastery and evolutionary manifestation, including nearly a decade leading Living with The Spirit Retreat Center, Sara's background in corporate management, advertising, digital marketing, and business organization provides a solid foundation for her innovative methods. She guides business owners, enterprise builders, and corporate leaders through personalized mentorships that address both visible and hidden challenges.

Her expertise in high-level energetics combines cutting-edge somatic healing practices, modern psychology, Eastern healing philosophies, ancient manifestation principles, Vedic techniques, and quantum energy alignment. This holistic approach bridges mind, body, emotions, and spirit, fostering deep balance and alignment.

Sara's honesty and integrity create a safe space for clients to overcome blockages and achieve their goals. Her firsthand experience as a multi-business owner allows her to empathize with the emotional, spiritual, and physical challenges entrepreneurs face.

With over 50 certifications in business, healing, health, and coaching, Sara’s true strength lies in the energetics behind these disciplines. Her exceptional ability to navigate teams, businesses, and social constructs sets her apart as a high-powered coach and heart-centered leader, earning her rave reviews from clients.

In addition to building Living with The Spirit Enterprise, she offers exclusive mentorship to a select group of entrepreneurs committed to exponential personal and professional growth, with full access to Sara's accelerated manifestation abilities.

"Working with Sara has been life-changing"

When I came to Living with the spirit I was stressed out, very angry, and sad. I couldn’t understand why and I felt as if everyone was against me. I simply could not sort out my feelings. I had no control over my own well-being, my emotions had taken control over me, and being happy felt so far away. I wanted to leave my job, my friends, and my partner. I felt so misunderstood and miserable. I just wanted to run away from everything.With an incredible understanding of how emotions work, Sara has guided me so that I now have the tools for emotional freedom. She opened up my world and helped me face my fears. Instead of thinking about everything that is wrong I’m now focusing on what I want my life to be like.

The relationships around me are now filled with love and not conflict. If conflicts appear I have the tools how to handle the situation. And I also appreciate what I can learn from my emotions and reactions. And best of all, instead of wasting my energy on frustration, insecurity, and anger, I can now use that energy to become more creative and happy.

Sara is so non-judgmental that I felt totally safe to show all of me; the ugly, the dirt, and the shame. That is one of the most important things with this work, to feel safe about the way I feel, to look at it and not judge it. Instead, be curious and see what it is all about. And Sara sees and has the knowledge of how to guide you in the right direction. Not judging, just asking and challenging you with lots of love.

To have Sara in my ringside corner is the best thing that has happened to me. The work we do together makes me filled with love and inspiration. I feel so much gratitude. For each session with Sara, and every day that I commit to working on myself, I feel how my world expands and I feel free. Instead of looking for the answers around me, Sara has helped me to find the truth inside myself.

As a coach Sara is committed, honest, straightforward, loving, and a true inspiration. Her ability to see things for what they are is beyond. If everyone had Sara in their life we could change the world. If you are truly committed and want to live your life to the fullest, reach out to Sara. She will change your life! Writing this really makes me moved when realizing all the fantastic things that I’m experiencing on this journey.


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